About us

We combine mental health science and technology to foster flourishing minds for all. Our mission is to mobilize and scale professional peer support with tech to address the mental health crisis.

We are building a future where everyone can be their best self and achieve their potential.


Our founders and advisors have decades of tech, clinical & mental health experience and a passion for good mental health (our own and that of others). We are a fully distributed team, working from San Francisco, London and India.

Obi Felten
Founder & CEO. Bio

Kim Newell Green MD FAAP
Chief Medical Officer. Bio

Charles Metz
Designer. Bio

Sophie Lewis
Writer. Bio

Engineering team led by Urvik Patel & Nisarg Vyas

Advisory board

We are working closely with a multi-disciplinary advisory board who have mental health peer support, clinical, scientific, payer, digital health and marketplace expertise.

Alison Malmon
Founder & CEO, Active Minds
Mental health lived experience & college mental health. Bio

Joanna Strober
Founder & CEO, Kurbo (WW)
Entrepreneur, investor, behavior change expert. Bio

Kali Cyrus MD MPH
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry,
Johns Hopkins University

Psychiatrist, DEI strategist, health policy. Bio

Kelly Davis
Associate VP of Peer & Youth Advocacy
at Mental Health America
Expert in peer support, peer certification, youth and young adult leadership, college mental health. Bio

Linsey Morrison
VP Policy & Platform Ops, Eventbrite
Product & privacy attorney, community policy. Bio

Manpreet Singh MD MS
Associate Professor of Psychiatry,
Stanford University

Mood disorder researcher, practicing adolescent psychiatrist. Bio

Sam McLean MD MPH
Research Vice Chair Anesthesiology,
The University of North Carolina
ER physician, trauma researcher, digital phenotyping. Bio

Shuranjeet Singh
Founder and Director at Tarakī
Lived experience consultant specialising in participatory approaches to mental health research. Bio