Bring håp to your college

of mental health issues appear before age 24

#2 cause
of death among college students is suicide

of students have a mental health diagnosis

of students have tried or are interested in peer support

We help solve the mental health crisis on campus by training students to become professional peer supporters, and connecting them with other students who need support. Our free håp app helps students track the ups and downs of their mind. It connects them with crisis support via Crisis Text Line, and will soon offer peer support.

We are launching our peer support service for the fall semester and are training students over the summer. Becoming a peer supporter is a meaningful, attractive part-time student job that provides students with training and leadership opportunities that will be useful in whichever career they choose.

We are already working with colleges such as Northeastern University and University of St Thomas, Houston.

Offer the opportunity to your students to get trained as a peer supporter, and provide support to students who need it on your campus.

We partner with your student employment office to fit into your existing student job programs, including federal work/study programs.

If you are faculty or staff, please
get in touch to explore how we could include your college in our pilot.

If you are a student, you can bring håp to your college as a håp Ambassador.